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Blackbird Bikes EZ Quadribent Side-By-Side

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Biking Around the Lake, Grandmother and Granddaughter

Biking Around the Lake on EZ Quadribent side by side Blackbird Bike

81-year-old grandmother and college-aged granddaughter enjoy biking together on a side-by-side Quadribent on a bike path around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Quadribent Ride

Side-By-Side EZ Quadribent Biking

Another enjoyable ride on the Quadribent.

Service dog rides bike.

EZ Quadribent Bike Riding with Service Dog

Visually impaired husband, sighted wife, 72-pound Yellow Lab service dog riding side-by-side Quadribent in Courage Center BIKING FOR EVERYONE EXPO.

Biking with service dog

EZ Quadribent Biking with service dog

Out for a nice ride with a service dog seated on the cargo platform on the Quadribent.

Quadribent at Trade Show Booth EZ Quadribent side-by-side bikes at Trade Show Booth

Quadribent Marty

EZ Quadribent at an event

Bring your own place to sit. Stable and comfortable.

Quadribent 2566

Taking Koda the dog for a walk with an EZ Quadribent bike

Another EZ Quadribent owner who enjoys biking with his dog. That's Koda running alongside.

Quadribent 2563

Biking with Koda the dog

Quadribent owner biking and his dog, Koda, running alongside.

Quadribent 2561

Biking with Koda

Everybody gets fresh air and exercise!

Biking Dog Charley Brown on his travel platform

EZ Quadribent Biking with my dog Charley Brown

See more dog photos on a page called Dog Biking Photos.

Biking Dog Charley Brown waits on the cargo platform of Quadribent to go for a ride.

Biking Dog on EZ Quadribent

Charley Brown is eager to go for another ride on the Quadribent. He waits patiently on the cargo platform where he rides.

More dog photos on a page called Dog Biking Photos.

Quadribent parked at a biking event.

EZ Quadribent at St. Paul Classic Bike Event

Quadribent at the St. Paul Classic, 30 miles around St. Paul, Minnesota. Picture taken near Lake Como - Como Park.

Ed Begley, Jr. and Jim Black

Jim Black & Ed Begley, Jr.

Blackbird Bike's Jim Black with Ed Begley, Jr., actor & environmentalist, at a bike trade show

Walter Mondale and Jim Black

Jim Black & "Fritz" Mondale

Jim Black and Walter "Fritz" Mondale, former U.S. Senator from Minnesota, and 42nd Vice President of the United States.

Carl and Jon riding the Quadribent in the World Championship HPV Ice Races on a frozen Minnesota lake.

EZ Quadribent side-by-side bike at World Championship Human Powered Vehicle Ice Races

EZ Quadribent riders Carl and Jon gear up for the World Championship HPV Human Powered Vehicle Ice Races on a frozen lake in Minnesota. The only event of its kind we know of. People come from several states and Canada. High school classes design vehicles to race on the ice. Quite a sight!


Some other custom designs by Blackbird Bikes

Sidecar with dog 2

Jim Black with Charley Brown on Sidecar

Yes, we someimes swap out the second side-by-side bike and do a sidecar set-up.

Biking with dog

The dog gets all the attention on the bike

Riding with Charley Brown.
The dog gets all the attention....

Sidecar with dog 1

Charley Brown the dog on bicycle sidecar

Sidecar with dog - close up

Carpeted sidecar on the bicycle just for the dog


Charley Brown relaxing on the carpeted sidecar.

Motorized 1 A custom-designed Blackbird motorized wheelchair scooter

Motorized Dorothy A custom-designed Blackbird motorized wheelchair scooter

Minnesota State Capitol with new vehicle Custom-designed motorized vehicle for wheelchair in front of Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul.

Bike rack There are many ways to transport a Quadribent. Here's one type of bike rack for Quadribent.
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