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ABOUT Blackbird Bikes, Blackbird Designs, Inc., EZ Quadribents, and serial inventor Jim Black

Quadribent side-by-side recumbent bike for two ridersBlackbird Bikes designs and manufactures innovative, easy to ride, fun to ride side-by-side EZ Quadribent™ recumbent bicycles and other vehicles. Almost everyone can enjoy cycling.

Our quad bikes can be outfitted with adaptive bike equipment for special needs kids and adults.

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Article in This Week Online
See the article about Jim Black, inventor of the Quadribent, in This Week Online.

More about Jim Black and Blackbird Bikes
The Wright Brothers were bicycle mechanics who invented an airplane that took flight. I admire their innovation and creativity. I am also inspired by inventors like Gardner Martin who designed the EZ-1 recumbent bicycle. Different modes of transportation and vehicles of all sorts have always fascinated me.

I design, engineer, and build unique bicycles for two or more people. I am a pilot, aeronautical engineer, and inventor who has also built and designed airplanes and ultralights.

The side-by-side Quadribent™ is one of my patented inventions that makes it possible for people to enjoy biking together. Almost anyone can go biking with the Quadribent. People enjoy the comfort and stability.

Below, a little more about me, and pictures of a few other modes of transporation.


SSR-71 Blackbird Lockheed Mach 3 spy plane SR-71 Blackbird
My favorite airplane is The Blackbird, a Lockheed Mach 3 spy plane. Pictured here in front of the Air and Space Museum, San Diego, California.

Redwing Blackbird ultra light airplane My Redwing Blackbird
This is one of my other projects, a one-person home-built ultra light aircraft. I call it the Redwing Blackbird because I painted the top of the wings with red enamel paint for U/V surface protection.

Landing my Redwing Blackbird
[video 18 seconds]

Coming in for a landing. That's me, Jim Black.

Ultralight Airplane with fields of corn in the background Another Plane Picture
My Redwing Blackbird ultra light aircraft with fields of corn in the background.

Another unusual vehicle

It's a Velomobile!
I am involved with the MnHPVA - Minnesota Human Powered Vehicle Association and I get to try out unusual vehicles like this Velomobile.

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