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DOG BIKING - Pedaling with your pooch aboard Blackbird Bikes

My dog, Charley Brown, loves to go for a ride.


Biking Dog Charley Brown

Charley Brown, first one on the Quadribent!
Charley Brown knows when I'm going biking on the Quadribent. He doesn't want to be left behind--he loves being included!

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Biking Dog Charley Brown on his travel platform

Charley Brown, waiting patiently and ready to go!
Charley Brown loves to go for a ride and considers the cargo platform of the Quadribent his own special place.

Biking Dog Charley Brown ready for Quadribent ride

The Cargo Platform on the Quadribent - a favorite place for Charley Brown.
Waiting to ride in a 4th of July parade. Charley Brown loves parades!

More about the Cargo Platform
Great for hauling groceries, a picnic basket, cooler, golf clubs, and more--designed to handle up to 150 pounds.

Biking Dog 4th of July parade lineup 4th of July Parade Lineup.
The Quadribent is decked out in red, white, and blue.

Biking dog gets a view between the seats

Good view between the seats .
Charley Brown has a dog's eye view of things from his seat on the cargo platform.

Often we hear shouts from the crowd: "LOOK THERE'S A DOG ON THERE!"

Biking Dog on Quadribent for 4th of July parade More 4th of July Parade Lineup.
The Quadribent is decked out in red, white, and blue.

Scooter Car 1500 side view Scooter Car 1500
He also knows there's a place for him on the latest version of the Scooter Car 1500—he likes to think of it as the Dog Carrier 1500.

Scooter Car 1500 side view Scooter Car 1500 - side view.
Charley Brown looks pretty comfy as we go for a ride on the Scooter Car 1500.

Have a look at the main Photo Album.  

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