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Adaptive Equipment for side-by-side EZ Quadribent Bikes for Special Needs

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Adaptive Bike Equipment - Special Needs Customization

The side-by-side EZ Quadribent™ is two bikes joined together, and the dual-drive allows people with different physical abilities to go biking together. Either rider can generate from 0 to 100 percent of the pedal power.

The Quadribent feature co-steering which means that either rider can steer or " pilot the vehicle."

A few of the adaptive options and special needs accessories for the Quadribent side-by-side bikes:

  • Seat Belts
    One seat belt around the waist. A second seat belt, at chest height, can be added to better secure “special needs” kids and adults. Or two seat belts can be criss-crossed across the upper body.

  • Toe Clips and Heel Straps
    Toe clips and straps can be added to the pedals to secure feet to the pedals. Extra straps can be added to the pedals to go around the heel.

  • Custom Pedal Connector
    A parent or physical therapist can "drive" the pedals of someone with limited use of their legs.

  • Fixed Steering Option
    The steering column of one of the bikes can be fixed or secured in place with a custom accessory, for the bike on the right (or left)
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The EZ Quadribent has been used by people in many different situations, people of all ages and abilities:

  • equipment for special needs child
  • activity for child with autism
  • adaptive equipment with adaptive bike
  • inclusion of special needs child
  • bicycle for handicapped child
  • bicycle for child with cerebral palsy
  • senior fitness equipment and exercise
  • therapeutic equipment
  • physical therapy exercise
  • rehabilitation
  • physically challenged fitness and fun
  • vision impaired rider bikes with sighted rider

The Quadribent has been a wish request through The Make-A-Wish Foundation, the largest wish-granting charity in the world, with 74 chapters across the United States and its territories and 28 international affiliates on five continents.

The Courage Center has used Quadribents. The Courage Center provides a full range of rehabilitation, mental health, community living, vocational and recreational services.

August 23, 2003 Article in Star Tribune Newspaper

75 Miles Bring out The Smiles
Zach Thuleen, 13, center, who has cerebral palsy, and family members celebrated their arrival Friday at the Metrodome.

Zach, dad Scott and sister Sarah, 10, rode a custom made bike while brother Andy, 11, rode his own. They took part in a ride from Maple Lake to mark the Courage Center's 75th year.

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Adaptive accessories for bicycle

Adaptive Accessories for Bikes - Biking together with family members

"Some of these kids have never been on a bike before. They're nervous, and some are really scared. But it's really nice to have a child come back with a big smile on their face."
—Jim Black, Quadribent Inventor


Adaptive Recumbent Bike

Adaptive Bikes

We have adaptive options specifically designed for physically challenged riders and special needs kids.

Adaptive custom options for seat, head rest, foot rest, leg brace as well as a chest-level seat belt, in addition to a lap seat belt, for physically challenged riders.


Star Tribune article Janet and Morris Cowan on their dual-recumbent Blackbird Quadribent bike.

Article in Star Tribune Newspaper

Two for the road
Janet and Morris Cowan rode a dual-recumbent bike Thursday near their home in Maple Grove.

Their Blackbird Quadribent bike was designed with youngsters and disabled people in mind.

The Cowans say it has been great for them since Morris had a stroke.

The kits that join the bikes are made in Burnsville.


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