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Testimonials for EZ Quadribent Side-By-Side Bikes

Here's what people say in the U.S. and Europe about the Quadribent:

See also FLICKR photos & videos:

Photos and video of first EZ Quadribent in France!

Riding near chateau along Loire River
Riding by castles and châteaux near the Loire river in the famous Valley of the Kings

EZ Quadribent Biking near Chateau in France

Riding a Quadribent by a Chateau in the Loire region of France. [video 0:23]

Quadribent in France
Riding by a windmill on EZ Quadribent side-by-side bike

Quadribent in France

"Our QUADRICYCLE (QUADRIBENT) arrived yesterday in our SHOP located 37 km from our sweet home...! We went on hike by foot at 06:30 to the first village at 6 km then took a bus to the SHOP...and came back then with our gift....!!! Once again many thanks. You are very kind indeed, I really appreciate it..!

Note: we are very proud to be the only FRENCHIES using your QUADRIBENT in FRANCE...!!!"

First EZ Quadribent in Europe - in Belgium!

Quadribent in beautiful Belgium

Quadribent in Belgium

"Dear Mr Black

Here are some pictures of the first Quadribent in Europe! Cycling on one of the last sunny autumn days alongside the river Schelde in Belgium.

We knicknamed it “the good mood bike”: because, in passing, all walkers and bikers start smiling upon seeing us, Kristina smiling and enjoying her ride, completely relaxed. Your invention is based on a simple idea, that one wonders why we have not found it earlier and why we were the first.

Now indeed, our daughter, for whom cycling on an individual bike and ordinary tandem had become a painstaking effort, for the first time in years, has found pleasure in cycling again. The quadribent is not only a more social solution (chatting with your co-driver - also now anybody can be co-driver), but also a more ergonomic one for people with cerebral palsy, as now they can sit comfortably and pedal in the front direction, which makes the feet less spastic and without need for splints.

Also from the point of rehabilitation it is a wonderful solution, as now they can move their legs, exercise their quadriceps (quadriceps weakness is a reported problem for people with cerebral palsy), steer again and pedal at their own comfortable pace. Much better than the more passive biking solutions such as a wheel-chair bike and a hand-driven bike. The Quadribent is pleasure and good sense together. Thank you so much!

J. Lebeer MD PhD

EZ Quadribent in Virginia Beach!

Biking with their Quadribent on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

"Enclosed is a picture of our Quadribent on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach with Mr.& Mrs. Ton aboard; Transportation was no problem with frame parts in the car trunk and the two bikes on a conventional bike rack. We enjoyed riding it on the boardwalk for 4 days in October. The boardwalk is 3 miles end to end. We assembled and disassembled each day since we had to store the bikes in our hotel room and the frame parts in the car overnight. We averaged about 15 minutes for disassembly and 20 minutes for assembly and didn't need to use any tools. ... The rides were worth the time - extremely enjoyable!

Mr. & Mrs. Ton
Virginia Beach, VA"

"July 14, 2009
Hi Jim!

We spoke with you at the Bike Show in March 2007 and purchased a quadribent ... on March 28, 2007. We have thoroughly enjoyed it since then.... We are within 25 miles of reaching a new milestone of 4000 miles of riding together with your bike design!!!

Thank you for the many happy and pleasant miles we've ridden together and for all the "smiles" we have "counted and collected" along the way!!!

Linda & Tom E."

"I love riding the Quadribent! The cargo platform makes it handy to take a picnic lunch and bike to the park or the beach. Because the recumbent seats are so comfortable, I feel like riding longer. I like the side-by-side 'sociable' aspect, which makes biking with others fun.

J.B. - San Diego, California"

"The Quadribent is such a unique vehicle, it turns heads, gets double-takes and awed expressions from onlookers. I like all the attention and smiles I get when I ride it. The Quadribent rocks!

K.R. - Irvine, California "

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