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Cycling with the Quadribent along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

Blackbird Bikes is most well-known for our EZ Quadribent™ side-by-side semi-recumbent quad bicycles.

Shown here, side-by-side EZ Quadribent out on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

Cycling around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Biking together on a side-by-side EZ Quadribent around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesota in the summertime.

Cycling with the Quadribent in Minnesota in the wintertime. Minnesota in the wintertime.

Products from BlackBird Designs and BlackBird Bikes - Quadribents

Side-By-Side EZ Quadribents

Out for a family bike ride with the EZ Quadribent by Blackbird Bikes.

This EZ Quadribent is customized with several options.

Many parts, accessories, adaptive equipment and options to customize your vehicle are possible.

Streamway Quadribike Extreme Low Step Through Side-by-Side bicycles by Blackbird Bikes

Streamway QuadriBike

Two extreme low step through upright Streamway bikes with standard bicycle saddles joined together as a quad.

Also available in long-tail version with EZ seats with seat backs.

Brickell QuadriTandem by Blackbird Bikes

Brickell QuadriTandem

Two Brickell Tandem bikes joined together side-by-side to form a Brickell QuadriTandem quad bike.


EZ Classic Quadribents

Two EZ Classic recumbent bicycles joined together side-by-side to form a recumbent quad bicycle that two people can ride together. Choose either EZ Quadribent Classic or EZ Quadribent Sport model.

Adaptive bikes

Adaptive Equipment for Side-By-Side Blackbird Bikes

We have adaptive options for the EZ Quadribent side-by-side recumbent bikes specifically designed for physically challenged riders and special needs kids.

Cargo platform for carrying all sorts of things, perhaps even your pet

Blackbird Bikes Cargo Platform is included

A built-in Cargo Platform (18" x 30") comes standard on the EZ Quadribent and other side-by-side Blackbird Bikes. The cargo platform allows you to easily take all sorts of things with you, perhaps even your pet!




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